Monday, June 1, 2009

Chapter 51

Settled back in the limo, Penny couldn’t help gushing. “Did you see him? Oh my god, I thought he was gorgeous from fan club seats, but right there leaning over my desk, I thought I was going to die. I could get lost in those eyes.”

Sighing, Bridget nodded, “he smelled wonderful. Did you smell him? And that smile, my panties were wet having him turn it on me. What I’d do to have him in my bed.”

“Who’s he dating anyway? Or is he?” Clarissa Kohl asked casually, examining her nails as she did. She’d been a fan for years and had attended a number of their shows, usually from the VIP suites, tonight though she’d gotten a pair of front row center seats through a broker and was anxious to see what all the excitement of being so close was all about.

“Nobody knows. There are rumors that he’s seeing that girl he kissed back in Philly, the one there doesn’t seem to be any pictures of. Hell, there are rumors she’s a GD.” Brooke offered.

An eyebrow raised when Clarissa heard that, “what’s a GD?”

“Gutter Dweller. They’re the girls that openly lust after the guys on the fan club board.” thinking about it, Bridget shook her head. “I can’t think of a single one of them that would interest either of the guys. I mean most of them, Bean, Rita, Paula, Lynn, Dana, Nikki and Kris are all married. Linda and Cassidy are Richie girls, so you can count them out too. That leaves Tara, Stas and Lainey. Well, other than Lainey, but she lives in Scotland somewhere. I don’t think he’s even met her.”

Samantha Sanderson grinned, “you’re forgetting Amber. She’s a GD.” Her statement garnered gasps and wide stares. A friend of Brooke’s that was also a member of the fan club and got in on the limo ride to the show, but didn’t work with the other women, Sam knew people that none of the others had met.

“NO!” Penny wasn’t biting on that one. “No way. She barely knows who Bon Jovi are. She said herself that her friends dragged her to that Philly show.”

“She’s GD. The group had a split and there’s one of the old GDs that told me for a fact that Amber Sullivan is not just GD, she’s OGD.” Samantha gloated. “Her screen name is AmberJovi. Go check out her posts, she’s about as gutter as she gets and get this, she was at the Philly show with the other GDs and they all had a private party after the show with the band.”

“You’re fucking kidding me! Amber? The woman that treated Jon and Richie like they weren’t anyone special? Her? How lucky can one woman get? There’s no way that she’s the one Jon’s seeing. I mean did you see how casually she greeted him, it wasn’t like she was even interested in him.” Penny’s eyes narrowed, “although......she did grab his ass. I mean that wasn’t professional at all.”

Shaking her head, Brooke wasn’t having any of it. “No way. When she and Jon walked into her office it wasn’t five minutes and Richie and Cassidy were right there.” She wasn’t about to say anything about the thud against the door when it closed or the loud silence that came from there afterwards. She’d been Amber’s assistant long enough to know she could actually hear bits of conversation coming through the door and there wasn’t any conversation to hear. “No, you’re wrong. Your information is wrong.” Besides that, Amber treated her well and she would protect her boss as far as she could manage.

Bridget’s eyes gleamed. “There’s one way to find out. We can always make comments on the board and see how fast the threads are deleted or the GDs jump in to defend her. Somebody knows for sure.”

“She and Cassidy are going to be at the show tonight as Jon’s guests.” Brooke added. It wasn’t a secret and she suspected they’d see the two of them at the show.

“There’s that. Watch Jon.” Penny contributed.

“As if we don’t already.” Brooke and Bridget chimed in together.

Laughing, the group of women sat back and plotted their trap for Amber and her friends on the fan club board.

“What is it with rock stars and helicopters?” Cassidy asked from the seat of the limo she was now in after having flown from New York City to New Jersey. “I think I could get used to this.”

“Mmmm, yeah, have you tried this wine? It’s really nice.” Not having to drive and more than willing to enjoy the perks of dating a rock star, Amber was on her second glass of Riesling already. Jon knew she preferred it to the Pinot he favored.

Arching a brow, Cassidy poured herself a glass and settled back in the plush leather of the seats. “Yeah, I could most definitely get used to this. So where did Jon say our seats were again?”

“Didn’t” sipping the wine as she examined the controls to the DVD player. “Too bad we don’t have any videos with us.”


“Huh?” Seeing what Cassidy found, “oh hell, I think I love him.” Picking up two of the Godiva truffles that she adored, how he knew which flavors she favored, she had no idea, but the man seemed to be far more resourceful than should be legal.

Biting into one of the dark chocolate raspberry candies, Cassidy groaned, “I know I love him if this is what you get. Damn, these are good.”

“Leave him the fuck alone, Cass, he’s mine. You go after Sambora.” Amber lightheartedly teased. “Your house first or mine?”


Nodding, she lowered the partition and told the driver both addresses and which order to visit them.

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